Több, mint egy általános autókölcsönző


Autókölcsönzés feltételei

The below listed document must be presented:

For a private individual:

  1. valid identity card or passport
  2. proof permanent address
  3. invoice of a utility provider (within a month)
  4. valid driving licence

For corporates:

  1. deed of foundation or association
  2. specimen signature
  3. most recent bank statement and a telephone bill

The person on behalf of the corporate entity shall present:

  1. valid identity card or passport
  2. proof of permanent address
  3. proof of authorisation (special power of attorney)
  4. valid driving licence

The driver must meet the below listed conditions:

Private individual must be over 21 years of age and possess a driving licence over two years!

The minimum period of rent is 24 hours.

Autókölcsönzés feltételei The 24 hours rent counts from the start of the rent.
A new billable day start after the 25th hour and will be added to your bill.
Exceptional rental period can be defined prior the rent only.
Full rental fee is charged in case of early return (returning before expiry)!

Payment conditions and deposit:

Deposit must be paid at the start of the rent, depending on car type the deposit vary in between
276 - 1034,5 €.

Transportation of house pets:

Only smaller (lapdog-sized) house pets can be transported in the vehicle and only in an appropriate transport box! (it is not supplied with the vehicle) The transportation of any other animals heavy in build is PROHIBITED! Otherwise we will charge you an additional cleaning fee of 84,6 €!

Outside of Hungary:

Different conditions apply for using any of our car outside of Hungary!
Approval must be asked prior crossing the border of Hungary!

Breakdown cover - Insurance:

Rental fee covers domestic and international breakdowns.
The breakdown insurance policy does not cover tyre and rims damage as well as the interior damage.
In case theft the Customer shall notify the rent company first and initiate the prosecution process. The official police report, the car key and car registration certificate must be handed over to the rental company.

The rental fee does not cover:

  1. the retention of the breakdown insurance up to 10% but minimum 300 € payable by the Customer in case of damage
  2. fuel (the car provided with full tank and shall be returned with full tank)
  3. damage of tyres
  4. any other damage because of not normal use

In case of any breakdown of the car the following applies:

In case of normal use the rental company covers all services and costs.
The Customer shall notify the rental company immediately in case of any breakdown, unusual event or damage. The Customer liability in case of accident or damage:
In case of any accident, car crash or damage the Customer shall notify the Rental company immediately.
In case of accident the official written report must be prepared on the spot and police report if necessary too!

Only small pets allowed in our cars. The necessary travel rack is the customer responsibility.


Customer: are the customer (main driver) who signed the rental agreement and who is entitled to drive the vehicle.
Car: is the car or truck that is renting to you for the agreed duration of the rental agreement and will include all parts and accessories fitted to it at the commencement of the rental.
Damage: is any damage occurring to the car (including glass, lights and mirrors) and any damage occurring to third party property where applicable.

General Terms and Conditions

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