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Car rent with driver


Car rent with driver

Car renting - Renting a car with a driver in Budapest and Pest county

Car rentingGoing to a wedding, a meeting or a doctor's visit? You can rent our cars with a chauffeur for any occasions so that you can feel yourself comfortable. With our experienced drivers you will arrive to the desired location safely, quickly and on time.

There are certain situations in life when it is not a good idea to sit behind the wheel, or it is just more convenient and practical to hire a driver by choosing our chauffeur-service.

Besides renting a car you can order our driver-service at any time at our company. In case you are going on a longer business trip and you don't want to tire yourself with driving, or if you are going to a wedding where you would want to drink a toast with the guests, or you are going out to have some fun and you do not want to drive afterwards, or you just want to impress your business partners then the car renting Budapest can help.

The professional chauffeur-renting in Budapest can be ordered with favorable conditions with our own cars.

We are at your service!


Car rental with kilometer based fees and a Driver

The costs are calculated based on the travelled kilometer and the selected car type. They include the fuel costs as well as the Driver's fee. The minimal daily kilometers must exceed 250 for which the car is rented for. This also includes the kilometer costs of the Driver to get to the address and to return from there.

This option is available for travelling outside of Budapest.

Kilometer cost of a passanger car with Driverfrom 0.53 € / km
Kilometer cost of a minivan with Driverfrom 0.68 € / km

Chauffeur hourly / waiting fee

The hourly fee of the Driver doesn't depend on the fact whether the car is travelling or not!

Hourly fee of the Driver14.5 € / hour
In case of continous work that exceeds 24 hours119.4 € / day

Car rental with hourly fees and a Driver

The customer is charged for the hourly fee of the selected vehicle. The Driver's fee and the fuel costs are included in this price. The minimal rental time is 3+1 hours which includes the time required for the Driver to get to the address and to return. The maximal rental time is 11+1 hours. 
This option is only available within the area of Budapest.

Hourly fee of a passenger car with Driverfrom 28 - € / hour
Hourly fee of a minivan with Driverfrom 37.8 € / hour

The VAT is included in the above prices!


  • The prices include the Hungarian highway fees.
  • What the prices don't include are: parking costs, tunnel costs, tolls in abroad, ferry costs.
  • Please take the face into consideration that the Driver can only drive 2x4 hours a day!
  • However a Driver's working time can be longer than 8 hours; but 12 hours top.
  • In case of longer trips to abroad the Driver's accomodation (bed & breakfast) must be taken care of by the customer!
  • In case of travelling abroad the clients are not charged with VAT!

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Choose our reliable Driver Service!

Choose our reliable Driver Service!There are situations in life where it is not recommended to sit behind the wheel, or it is simply more comfortable and practical to choose a professional driver instead.

Our chauffeur service Budapest offers a great solution in both cases. No matter if it is a longer business trip, a wedding (where you most likely want to touch glasses), or just a nice gesture to your business partners, you can benefit from our company in Budapest with favorable conditions at any time!

Our driver service is waiting for you with favorable conditions!

We work exclusively with our own cars!

Ordering the Car Renting with Driver service

Once we received your order one of our colleagues will contact you. They will conduct a needs assessment and will find the best solution. Then after confirmation and payment of 20% of the order the contract will be concluded which guarantees the service! Please place your order at least 48 hours before the travel date!